[nncoalition] Request for Comments; Net Neutrality Policy Statement(s)

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Thu Apr 9 20:26:19 CEST 2015

Dear all, 

This is a Request for Comments with regard to the development of one or
more DRAFT Net Neutrality Policy Statement(s) to be discussed within the
IGF community at large.

The development of one or more DRAFT Net Neutrality Policy Statement(s)
aims at promoting the endorsement of an agreed position on net
neutrality by the IGF community, based on the Model Framework on Network
Neutrality developed by the Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality (DC

The Model Framework was presented at the 8th IGF in Bali and
subsequently delivered to the Council of Europe Steering Committee on
Media and Information Society that used it as a working document for the
elaboration of a Draft Recommendation on Net Neutrality.

To date, the Model Framework has been conveyed to several Parliamentary
assemblies (EU Parliament, Argentinian Senate and South Korean
Parliament) by DC NN members. However, although it has already played an
inspirational role, the model has never been officially validated by the
IGF community at-large. This lack of validation is primarily due to the
lack of an official validation process for DCs outcomes within the IGF

During the RightsCon joint meeting of the DCNN and GNN, consensus
emerged as regards the elaboration of one or more DRAFT Net Neutrality
Policy Statement(s) to be presented to the IGF MAG and discussed -  and
hopefully endorsed - by the IGF community at-large (see email below for
further info). 

The development of the Policy Statement(s) will be consistent with the
Final Chair's Summary of the last IGF, according to which “The ninth
IGF concluded with looking at the role of the IGF in taking the network
neutrality discussion forward. [...] The Dynamic Coalition on Network
Neutrality will continue the discussions leading up to the 2015 meeting,
but the view was also held that there was a need to develop a process
that allowed the entire IGF community to weigh in and validate the
findings of the Dynamic Coalition.”

According to DC NN Rules of Procedure, this RFC designates two drafters
in order to “manage the elaboration of the position or statement and
consolidate received comments with the aim of achieving a consensus
document.” (http://www.networkneutrality.info/about.html)
The two individuals who volunteered as drafters are:  
-	Luca Belli, DCNN Co-Chair and Researcher at the Center for Technology
and Society, FGV Rio de Janeiro 
-	Michał Woźniak, Warsaw Hackerspace and Polish Linux Users Group

All interested individuals will be allowed to propose DRAFT policy
statements and to provide any comments to this RFC by 25 April. 
An initial DRAFT consensus documents will be provided no later than 5
Subsequently, “Members will be provided with 14 calendar days to
comment, followed by a revised draft, and 10 calendar days to comment
the revised draft,” as foreseen by the DCNN Rules of Procedure.

Ideally we should elaborate one or more Policy Statement(s) by the end
of May, so that these statements may be discussed in the widest number
of IG fora before the IGF. A calendar of all national and regional IGFs
preceding the UN IGF will be shared soon.

Thanks in advance for your comments and inputs!
All the best,


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> Dear all (apologies for the long email),  
> Two weeks ago a conference-call for IGF dynamic coalitions’
> coordinators took place and during the call it was reiterated that any
> outcomes elaborated by the DCs should be validated by the IGF community
> at-large. This is a clear call for broader validation of net neutrality
> ideas built on the model framework as elaborated by the DC on Network
> Neutrality (available here
> http://www.networkneutrality.info/sources.html ) 
> The need for validation of the DC NN work by the IGF community at-large
> is absolutely understandable. However, as you may know, there is no
> official procedure foreseen by the IGF in order to put in place such a
> validation. During the 'RighsCon net neutrality lunch', members of the
> DC NN and the Global Coalition on Net Neutrality (GNN) met to discuss
> potential synergies and it was suggested that some policy messages based
> on the model framework may be jointly elaborated and promoted and,
> lastly, proposed for endorsement at the IGF (either in the last part of
> the DC NN meeting or during a main session TBD). 
> The text of the policy message(s) could be elaborated in the form of one
> or more common statements, as foreseen by the DC NN Rules of
> Procedure(the RoP are publicly available on the ‘about’ page of the
> DC NN website). The elaboration of such policy message(s) would be not
> only a unique occasion to set a global net neutrality norm, potentially
> endorsed by the IGF community, but also a unique occasion to prove that
> the IGF can produce outcomes, when there is will to do so. By all means,
> the elaboration of several policy messages would increase chances that
> consensus may crystallise at least around one of them. 
> It is obvious that such an ambitious effort has greatest chances to
> succeed if the DC NN will act in synergy with the GNN so that the policy
> message(s) will be promoted, discussed and commented in the widest
> number of fora (particularly within national and regional IGFs) and
> then, when the final product will be ready, it will be conveyed to the
> IGF. 
> The proposed way forward may look as follows:
> 1)	Share a proposal according to DC NN Rules of Procedure that will
> encourage the development of draft policy message(s). The proposed
> drafts may be publicly circulated on the DC NN mailing-list or privately
> sent to the Coordinators. 
> 2)	The coordinators would then circulate all the received drafts as well
> as a consolidated version and ask DC NN members to endorse one or more
> policy statements. 
> 3)	DC NN coordinators would forward all policy statements with
> endorsements to the IGF MAG. All interested individuals may act as 'MN
> policy message ambassadors' promoting the discussion of the messages
> within national and regional IGFs or other relevant fora. 
> 4)	The people who proposed the policy statements will  be invited to
> talk about their proposal at the IGF (either during the DC NN meeting or
> during the main session, if there will be one)
> 5)	DC NN & GNN will meet at the end of the IGF (and organising a further
> conference-call, if necessary) to coordinate and foster a single and
> strong policy statement. 
> Please feel free to share your comments on this idea and, should you
> agree with it, your suggestions on how to put this project in place. 
> All the best, 
> Luca

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